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2010 Superbowl Commercials

Created On: 10 February, 2010 Created By: superadmin

So, what does Superbowl 2010 have to do with website design? Perhaps nothing, really. But it was fun to watch!

This is one of my favourite Superbowl commercials. If you were in Canada chances are you did not get a chance to watch these commercials during the game, but rather Olympic Games commercials in Vancouver.

In this Google Superbowl ad, a guy searches his way through a love story. Who knew that the Superbowl would eventually embed Internet technologies as mainstream commercials? I remember a time when technologies were quite outside of mainstream. When I was in high school, we did not have banking cards - they were just being introduced. Online banking was not even heard of for most people and email, texting and tweeting were not at all a part of society.

Before someone starts pointing and saying I am old, think about this: Buffalo Bills were winning four straight AFC championships which brought them to the superbowl four times in a row. That really wasn't a long time ago. The games on television back then did not have all this fancy animated motion reminiscent of Flash across the screen or or - the Internet was not mainstream then. Sure, in colleges and universities the Internet was starting to become popular.

I remember having a 486 DX66 computer - before Pentium Intel chips, and having twelve floppy disks to load the Star Wars Tie Fighter video game - which was probably my favourite game ever: I had so much fun, and going to the computer room in university and chatting on the Public Bulletin Boards. Broadband was just a fantasy. Unheard of really.

So, here we have Google on mainstream commercials. They have come such a long way baby.

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