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CFA Website in Australia Crashes

Created On: 18 December, 2009 Created By: superadmin

Yesterday, while in Melbourne Australia, I read in the Herald Sun that the CFA website had crashed. CFA is the Country Fire Authority. The CFA's website was to be a source of information during Victoria's bush fire season, as acting Premier Bob Hulls said that "it's absolutely crucial that people can rely on the CFA website to get accurate information".

According to the Herald Sun's report, the CFA had spent 1.3 million Australian dollars in the past year on upgrading its website. Apparently, a senior IT guy was out of the office having lunch on a high fire risk day when the site crashed.

I have a few opinions and comments about this story:

First of all, it is tragic that people loose their lives in bush fires in Australia and it is important to note the way societies are moving toward web based technology to gain first hand reports and updates of current events rather than by radio or television.

Another comment I have is regarding the political comments of the IT guy having lunch outside the office. Perhaps the site went down during a high risk fire day, but really, is it more about the guy having lunch or the need for some political statement to place blame. Should he not have a Blackberry to repond immediately to the crisis - and yes, when a server or site goes down, there is a cirsis and action needs to be taken immediately.

1.3 million dollars for a website?  I had a look at their website and perhaps I am missing something. Did they install network cables made of costly gold as part of the deal?

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