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Content Strategy Tips For Your Website

Created On: 13 May, 2013 Created By: superadmin

A lot of people are overwhelmed by the concept of developing and implementing a content strategy for their website. The thought of doing something different and putting yourself out there to market your product or service can be very challenging if you don’t have a framework for this strategy. A widely used approach that will help build this framework for you is known for focusing on the people, the process, and the available technologies.

The People

Even if you are just a one person business and lack the staff to increase your content creation plans, the key is to make a plan that can be implemented over a 6 month period. By planning, the production and maintenance of your content will seem less daunting, and if you can hire a person internally to work either part-time or full-time this is the best option. If this is out of reach you can just make the plan and then outsource any of the tasks that you don’t have the time or ambition to accomplish, as there are plenty of great virtual workers that are ready and willing to help out. Having a solid content plan and editorial calendar will allow you to add more people to contribute and get the ball rolling on content creation. Using a process and technology to leverage the process will accelerate your progress even faster.

The Process

With so many things to keep track of and get done, using a process is one of the only ways to get it all done without going insane. Creating content and sticking to deadlines is essential for any content creation strategy and not having a process can lead to devastating results. A process will help to make sure that everything is on schedule and that nothing gets left behind. It can also help to dissect a problem and close the gap so that it doesn’t happen again. You can create a simple process for every activity that you do with your content creation strategy and just iterate once you find a better method.

Leverage with Technology

The infrastructure that you can build using technologies and softwares will allow you to leverage all of your people and processes to do the work faster and more efficient. Using a website as you hub and then collecting all of your prospects’ emails will give you the ability to craft specific messages that can get in their ear when you need to. The more content that you can create and point back to your website the more people will sign up for your email, which will result in more business over the long run. Using project management and automation technologies will allow you to create a multiple of content than you would have been able to make otherwise.

Creating content effectively requires a proper content strategy that starts with people and gets leveraged by processes and technology. The more people that you can get working on your content the more that you can create, but make sure that you have a good process that is scalable before hiring too many people. Once you have a good flow of people and process integrate technology to take your content creation and management to the next level.

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