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The Costs Of Website Design

Created On: 23 February, 2012 Created By: superadmin

Years ago, when quoting on a website design project, I would take several factors into consideration. Such as how big is the company. How big is their budget. How soon do they need the site. And then I would take into consideration the options that they needed. Should I just give a lowball quote to get the contract. I really like the quote: The biggest mistake many businesses make is to believe that price alone drives sales. This is from

As The Creation Studio has expanded and experienced growth over the past couple of years, I began to take a differnet approach to quoting. I began to recognize the value of our work, the quality of which we deliver the projects and the increasing demands of overhead. I also have been around enough individuals who are more business savy to understand that we cannot just give our services away. Besides, with a growing family and large student loans from years of university looming over our heads, I realize that I am responsible to the business to ensure that it does well.

Over the past while I began to restructure the business to make it better. We have developed a structured quoting system that applys to every client. It is based on a clear estimate of time for each compoent of a project times our hourly rate. There is no more guess work that comes into play. We are putting tools in place that streamline this process for both Requests For Proposals (RFP) and for short quotes or estimates.

We look forward to seeing the results in 2012.

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