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Going Viral? Dramatically Increase Your Video's Chance

Created On: 18 May, 2013 Created By: superadmin

Although there is no definitive way to make sure that a video goes viral online there are definitely a few concepts that people have found by dissecting the videos that have done just that. These tips lean on basic psychological principles that advertisers have been using for years and then leverage them through diffusion of innovation to accumulate a critical mass. Once there is a critical mass than the video’s views are self-sustaining and the only thing that really takes the video off of the pedestal is another video that supplants it.

There are three things that you can focus on if you are wanting increase your odds of your video going viral and becoming a success online. Briefly they are getting under your viewers skin, using psychological triggers, and then focus 100%. By using these in synchrony, although you can’t guarantee success, you great increase your odds.

Get under their skin

Figuring out what your customers or potential clients are interested in and already talking about will allow you to create a video that speaks to one of these topics. Make sure that you chose an interesting angle once you have the right topic and always be thinking about share-ability. Online videos are used for different reasons and everyone can spare a couple minutes to check out something interesting, just make sure that you can hold their attention once you have it. The is easier done if the video is entertaining, relevant, meaningful or shocking to your target group.

Use the pain points and triggers

Having a good understanding of the pain points and psychological triggers of your target audience will allow you to speak to these in your video. If a video resonates with the person watching it on an emotional level, in a positive way, than they will want to share the experience with their network and your video will rack up the views.

Keep their attention through intensity

You have the right topic and the right triggers, now all you have to do is distill the video to make sure that it is high octane and focused. Make sure that each video is only a few minutes long with one or two key concepts and deliver styles. The less the better as most people don’t like to sit and watch 5-20 minutes of video with mixed messages and different styles. To increase the viral tendency of your video break them up and make them intense.

Using these techniques you can dramatically increase your chances of creating a viral video. Make sure that you do your research and track your progress to get a full understanding of what works and what doesn’t for your specific audience.

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