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Things I like to do for Inspiration in Graphic Design

Created On: 03 May, 2011 Created By: superadmin

Every work of art is a work of inspiration. Even the greatest artist of all times like Leonardo da Vinci gets some inspiration for their masterpieces. How much more for a graphic design artist like me who have continuous and repeated expectations from clients to achieve eye-popping and jaw-dropping graphic designs? Not to mention a deadline to beat. I admit, even a seasoned graphic designer like me can get stuck in the land of emptiness – the artist’s block. Every artist will somehow experience that phase at one point in their artistic existence. Lucky enough for me, I have already figured out the things that I like to do for inspiration in graphic design as to summon the creative juices back to me. I am not quite sure how ‘Leo’ (short for Leonardo da Vinci) would have done it in the past considering the scarcity of leisurely resources back then. Boy, I am just glad my artistic existence belongs to the 21st century.

Here are the things I like to do for inspiration:

  • Go on a vacation – It would be a sight for sore eyes to see something new such as scenery from a different culture. What could be a better way to inspire my imagination and senses than nature’s natural breathtaking beauty? Or it could also be man-made creations inspired by great artistic prowess.
  • Do something that I love which is therapeutic for me such as:1.Spend a day riding my motorcycle and breathing in the fresh air - this clears my mind and allows me to talk out loud in my full face helmet without looking crazy.
  • Spend a day at the local Scandinavia spa - the outdoor hot tubs are fantastic and there is no sense of discrimination because I am a guy. I lost that stereotype the moment I first climbed into one of the outdoor hot baths during a downpour. As I never seem to really get away from running a business, it sure feels nice to think about web design outside of my office in the relaxing atmosphere that I am in.
  • Take my dog out for a run in one of the many trails in our area. This seems to get me away from the office and into the wilderness where I can see a bit more clearly amongst the wildlife in the forest.
  • Attend a graphic design seminar or workshop - it is amazing how much great talent is out there and to be inspired from talent that is above my own level of skill is quite humbling and inspirational.  An artist like me could get inspiration from fellow artists as well whose talent are way above my category.
  • Look at some really great web sites. There are tons of websites that are listed in Google that showcase inspirational designs that I can get inspiration from to explore the vastness of my creativity and pave the way to creation of stunning works of art.

Sometimes, simply unwinding and detaching myself from my computer can give me a moment of serenity, where my mind is relax and at rest.  Sometimes inspiration can come in those moments of stillness too.  With all the hustle and bustle in my challenging job, a little inspiration is all it takes for me to answer the call of duty with a renewed vigor and creativity.

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