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Why Open Source Makes Sense

Created On: 05 July, 2011 Created By: superadmin

The hubbub on the rise of open source web development programs are yet to be extinguished.  The constant debate on whether open source makes sense is constantly being challenged by people of varying opinions.  The clamor of each web program to claim a place in the virtual world has paved the way to the creation of open source web development program for the public and by the public.  With the rigid competition in the market, people and organizations are frantic to develop websites.  With the availability of open source applications that are becoming widely known and accepted, people now have the option to use them over propriety programs.

Ultimately, an open source program makes a lot of sense and more and more businesses in different spectrum use them because of the following reasons:

  1. Open source is often less expensive than propriety software -  While a large area of the virtual community comprises free software advocates, people still need to make a living and hence open source programs are not always synonymous to ‘free’.  However, compared to propriety software, open source is a more affordable option when it comes to price.
  2. Open source software has a great community for support.  Due to the growing number of open source users and followers, most open source development programmers have established a solid support group that would assist the public for any customer service or technical issues that they might encounter with the program.
  3. Access to the source code for modification of the software.  Because of this open-editing feature, one will have the liberty to edit and change anything in the program, or even delete the web pages as well.  It also provides a platform for clean and user-friendly programming and debugging. 
    There are many open source resources that are available in the web today.  Some of the popular ones are LAMP ( Linus-os;Apache-web server), WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing software and Drupal.  Drupal is a professional content management system that will enable you to create professional websites and include open source codes templates or skins and many others.  Everything in it can be utilized with a detailed customized option.   A lot of social sites, online shops and online review sites are based on the foundation of open source development programs as well.

Taking advantage of the open source technologies will give you a creative and cost-effective experience in building your business online, especially when it comes to creating your business website.  It will give you more flexibility as it can give you more customization options.  With the growing popularity of open source technologies, a lot of developers and even large technology firms have grown interested in investing to the development of more open source programs.  Hence, the future of the World Wide Web is expected to become more competitive and populated with various open source programs that will be continuously released in the virtual market for years to come.

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