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Will Google Glass Effect Website Design?

Created On: 12 April, 2013 Created By: superadmin

Google Glass is still in a beta testing state, but from the videos that are circulating around the web it poses much discussion around website design. As everyone tries to guess how this will play out there are a few themes and major thoughts that are emerging. The major concept that is being discussed is the minimal amount of information that can be displayed on the glass itself and the subsequent need to integrate with a mobile device for a richer user experience.

There will be more information on how Google Glass will interface with existing websites and apps, but for now there are two main thoughts: HTML5 and mobile integration. Using HTML5 there will likely just be another media query that website designers can add to interface with the Google Glass as it will display its own form of the website. The other thought is a symbiotic relationship with a mobile device where it pushes to the device to expand the view or the app pushes content to the Glass. Either way, there are a few restraints on the interface that leads to a few features that website designers can start to think about.

Features of Google Glass that will effect web design:

  • The limited screen size will naturally lend itself to minimal text which complements the experience with only the bare essentials.
  • The integration of the camera leads to the possibility of dynamic, context-awareness, that doesn’t require the wearer’s input to display information.
  • Keep in mind that the display is translucent and incorporate bold color and simple graphics for maximum clarity.
  • The spontaneous browsing of information that is gathered from a variety of sources and a need to rethink the website hierarchy beyond current responsive design.
  • Integration with the Android intent system, and learn how to format links for proper use with this system.
  • The free flowing transitional possibility of the interfaced devices that allows interaction and switching between one device to another as well as one app to another.
  • The ability to have a well-designed and functional app in front of a customer’s eyes for hours at a time, each day.

Although the capabilities of Google Glass is not fully realized, keeping the design features in mind when you are designing or redesigning a website will allow you to keep certain possibilities open. Making a responsive website that allows people to view and have a good user experience with your web design, no matter what platform that they are using, will increase your traffic and business. Google Glass may not directly affect the basics of website design; it does present a new opportunity to get even closer to your prospects or customers.

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