IT Services

BrandingReal people solving IT problems with Business solutions. We provide (IT) initiatives that improve cost effectiveness and business development. With our Technology planning, implementing and integrating information systems we support centralized business operations, .

Onsite Tactical Support: You will appreciate interacting with someone who will think and complete tasks without waiting.  CS  is committed to reducing the technical frustrations and bottlenecks companies have with their IT.

Want to save 20%? IT auditing will save money.  Our protocols in ISO 27001, IT Lead Auditor and COBIT training, gives clients a revenue generator instead of an expense.

The reality is that hardware only makes up 6% (on average) of the total OpEx. With our involvment, savings of upto 60% have been found by reducing the 85% of most IT budgets that are spent on manintaining the status quo.  The Status Quo will change  with our focus on changing the bottom line expence.

A Status Quo report will provide the management a clear picture of were the business is and what needs to be done in priority order. It is completely up to you to pick what needs to be fixed,  The report is completely a la carte with a fixed price guarantee. 

We are not your traditional IT consulting service; “Once it's fixed, it stays fixed. Let’s move on.”

Contact us and feel what real reliable IT can do for your business.

IT Services